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Australian TV Shows' Journal
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Sunday, September 30th, 2007
9:24 am
mcleods Icon Communities


also there is mcleods_lims

Mods: I checked out the rules and nothing was mentioned about pimping there so I just posted, however if this is not okay feel free to delete.
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
4:46 pm
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[25]The West Wing (or Cast)
[8]American Dreams (or Cast)

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
1:31 am
Water Rats - DVD's anyone?
Okay, now I know this is a long shot, but does anybody want to lend me or let me buy a copy of Water Rats Season 3 or Season two depending on which episode guide you go by (pretty much, what I want is from the episode after Rachel kills Knocker….)?

I don’t care if it’s VHS or DVD; I just want to watch it again…

I know that they DVD’s are available online, but they cost a fortune and there is no way I am paying $50 for a DVD. I have bid on EBay a few times but I keep on getting outbid… This sucks

These are the episodes I want to start from (I have the DVD’s for the episodes before that so I am willing to make a copy of mine to swap if necessary)

Recalled To Duty
Closed Circuit

Let me know if you can help me out or if you know somebody who can.


P.S. Sorry if you got this more than once I X-Posted at a couple of places
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
12:50 am
Steve Irwin Tribute Portfolio

Earlier this morning, late afternoon Australia time, an icon to the world of Animal Conservation and a man who personally made educating the human world about the animal world a crusade, passed away in a tragic marine accident off Australia's coast while filming an underwater documentary.

Tragically, he's left behind his wife Teri and two yound children Bob and Bindi.

Today the world mourns beside them in utter grief - or behaps taking a harlequin side to it and running pun upon pun and joke after joke about a man who contributed more to the natural world in modern time then any other.

I believe he was the only man who was man enough to openly cry over the death of a crocodile in his care on his internationally acclaimed "Croc Hunter" TV program... That alone simply proves the fact that Steve Irwin was a legend all in his own right and will continue to be so through the success of Australia Zoo.

So today I ask my watchers to express their condolences in an artistic manner that may be presented to Teri, Bindi, Bob, and the team of Australia Zoo that do indeed need a splash of color to brighten their world while this storm clashes in turmoil around them.

I'm writing to you because I'm organizing a portfolio of art to be sent to Australia Zoo in honor of Steve Irwin & I was wondering if you'd like to donate a print or an original piece to the cause. The end result will be one of two things:

The artwork will be put into a care package with individiual letters and mailed as a tribute to Australia Zoo.

The artwork will be auctioned on eBay and all proceeds will be donated to the Discovery Channel's "Crikey Fund" that's tributed to animal conservation (especially in Australia) in Steve Irwin's name.

This portfolio is open to all artists of all genres and skill is of little importance. Basically, you can draw a stick figure, attach a letter, & post it off to me & I'd still be very very thankful for your contribution to the cause. Poetry too will be accepted provided it's hand written, matted, & framed.

Please feel free to contact me about this;
OceanFireCC (AIM)
OceanFireCC@aol.com (e-mail)
561-685-0209 (phone - USA)

Thank you very much,
-Tia Lurie
Monday, September 4th, 2006
7:09 pm
Steve Irwin's dead, LOLOLOLOL
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
11:10 pm
Thursday, September 9th, 2004
8:44 pm

....with TRIPLE J and K.S.H.S
Monday, May 24th, 2004
9:51 pm
this community is fucking dead eh?
Adelaide got evicted on "My Restaurant Rules", woohoo..I dont mind too much who wins out of Perth and Melbourne, but I love Melbourne, I want them to get it.
Eleven went on Popstars last week, that sucked, it should have been Miranda, but as long as Sarah wins, Im happy.
Guy Sebastion is on American idol this week, I think thats awesome, we need more Aussies over there doing their thing.
I wish Australia would make a good teen horror/supernatural show.. Im so sick of this Neighbours/All saints bullshit.
I want White collar blue or Murder call back. Murder call was fucking wiked.

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, May 10th, 2004
2:58 pm
Popstars Live
Thank god Arnott got booted from Popstars, He was really getting on my fucking nerves.. I wasnt originally a big fan of Popstars, they didnt seem at all talented, but Im going for Sarah gardner, shes made me addicted to the show. Shes a beautiful girl, I feel for her, shes growing more and more confident each week, and I would really like for her to win. If she doesnt win, Im going to scream.

Go Sarah!

Current Mood: okay
Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
1:42 pm
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Monday, August 25th, 2003
7:56 pm

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
5:52 pm

Did everyone watch this Aussie serial?? Dee and Toadie had the dream wedding...and then their car plowed into the ocean!

Did anyone cry??

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, July 24th, 2003
4:29 pm



Thursday, June 19th, 2003
2:07 pm
Did anybody tape the program called " Words with James Griffin " that featured Henry Rollins last sunday it was on at 4.40pm? The repeat was on today but i just missed it.I will pay you for the tape & postage as i'm desperate for a copy of it.
Sunday, June 15th, 2003
11:49 pm
Go Dan!
Go Regina? Pfft! We've done a Support Dan (cause he's funny and rocks our socks!)

Check it hereout if you wanna! Opens in new window
Friday, May 30th, 2003
9:36 pm
For all you Big Brother fanatics there are some kick ass articles and stuff about Belinda - the incident, her leaving and such, and more in-depth ones about Big Brother itself. They're pretty cool.

Belinda and THE INCIDENT - new facts
Belinda's leaving of the house
Big Brother Manipulation
Belinda and the Scandal
Out of Control
Friday, September 6th, 2002
6:43 pm

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Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
10:09 pm

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Thursday, August 1st, 2002
7:05 pm
oooooooo x2
and i guess most of you are australian?? but all my mates and i love the 'lingo' and words you get from aussie shows..."punnet head", "rack off" etc etc...it's wicked...anyway, i'll be off to watch home and away now...*sings* "you know we belong together..." ;)

Current Mood: giggly
6:58 pm
hey people...i'm from the uk but i have been a lover of australian television for as long as i can remember...everyone i know is a great fan of neighbours...i've watched it for about 13 years now...and heartbreak high (bring it back it rocks)...home and away in the earlier years...and pure classics such as the young doctors and prisoner cell block h. quality tv if ever i saw any. anyway...i'll go now as i seem a bit too forward...

Current Mood: excited
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