September 5th, 2006


Steve Irwin Tribute Portfolio


Earlier this morning, late afternoon Australia time, an icon to the world of Animal Conservation and a man who personally made educating the human world about the animal world a crusade, passed away in a tragic marine accident off Australia's coast while filming an underwater documentary.

Tragically, he's left behind his wife Teri and two yound children Bob and Bindi.

Today the world mourns beside them in utter grief - or behaps taking a harlequin side to it and running pun upon pun and joke after joke about a man who contributed more to the natural world in modern time then any other.

I believe he was the only man who was man enough to openly cry over the death of a crocodile in his care on his internationally acclaimed "Croc Hunter" TV program... That alone simply proves the fact that Steve Irwin was a legend all in his own right and will continue to be so through the success of Australia Zoo.

So today I ask my watchers to express their condolences in an artistic manner that may be presented to Teri, Bindi, Bob, and the team of Australia Zoo that do indeed need a splash of color to brighten their world while this storm clashes in turmoil around them.

I'm writing to you because I'm organizing a portfolio of art to be sent to Australia Zoo in honor of Steve Irwin & I was wondering if you'd like to donate a print or an original piece to the cause. The end result will be one of two things:

The artwork will be put into a care package with individiual letters and mailed as a tribute to Australia Zoo.

The artwork will be auctioned on eBay and all proceeds will be donated to the Discovery Channel's "Crikey Fund" that's tributed to animal conservation (especially in Australia) in Steve Irwin's name.

This portfolio is open to all artists of all genres and skill is of little importance. Basically, you can draw a stick figure, attach a letter, & post it off to me & I'd still be very very thankful for your contribution to the cause. Poetry too will be accepted provided it's hand written, matted, & framed.

Please feel free to contact me about this;
OceanFireCC (AIM) (e-mail)
561-685-0209 (phone - USA)

Thank you very much,
-Tia Lurie