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Popstars Live

Thank god Arnott got booted from Popstars, He was really getting on my fucking nerves.. I wasnt originally a big fan of Popstars, they didnt seem at all talented, but Im going for Sarah gardner, shes made me addicted to the show. Shes a beautiful girl, I feel for her, shes growing more and more confident each week, and I would really like for her to win. If she doesnt win, Im going to scream.

Go Sarah!
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i was in a restaurant 4 a bday dinner with sum ppl and one of the ppl there asked Biscuit to sing happy birthday 4 her and he did and he has no balls !! me and my gf were sitting there trying not to laugh at him !!
Lmfao..he was a no talent, waste of space in the final ten.. when was that? lol
I would have booed him away.
lol yea i was rather tempted but i was with current gfs frends who id neva met !! they were boppers aswell :S