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i so hope katrina gets evicted. OMG stop the crying. i hate her.

i love how the crowd just laughed when she cryed.

i hope marty wins. cos he's got a sweet ass.
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so the guys on big brother this time.. are they all pretty much footballers or something? cos they're mighty buff.

and don't you just love how they're all hooking up?

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alright sum more tv shows

Something in the air,totally wild,beauty and the beast,fresh,enteraintment tonight, the weakest link,pepsi live, oz temptation island,stingers,a current affair,today tonight, the panel,mc leods daughters,australian survivor,the mole,get away,the footy show,cheez tv,what's in the box, the book place,huey's cooking adventures, bananas in pyjamas,high 5,auction squad,who's house is it anyway,australia's funniest home video show,popstars,premiere,60 minutes,backyard blitz,location location,

that's all i can think of

oh and on rove he said tha someone on BB outed themselves any bets on who?
i have my suspicions about marty and shannon but that's just my opion without finding out any facts

easter egg is good.

well it seems i was beaten to the first post.

wanna know where i got all the tv shows for the interests list from? i picked up a really old copy of the tv scene (december 2 - 8, 2001 - for anyone that cares) that i found on my floor and flicked through it.

can you believe that theres actually someone else out there that lists bert newton as an interest?

well anyways, if theres anything you'd like added to the interests or you can think of a better bio... tell me... and it can all be fixed up super quick.

and with that i've just remembered a few people to add to the interests list.
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